Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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The influenza virus

Influenza or virus influenza (also called influenza or Myxovirusinfluenzae) is a virus RNA of the family Orthomyxoviridae. Its eight molecules RNAare found in a...

Influenza or Covid-19: symptoms, how to make the difference?

Difficult to differentiate the flu from a coronavirus infection. These two illnesses are respiratory infections that are transmitted in the same way and initially...

Towards a universal influenza vaccine?

The flu virus changes every year. The vaccine must therefore continually adapt. But new research could lead to the development of an influenza vaccine...

How is the flu shot made?

Each year, the flu vaccination campaign begins in the fall. Recommended for populations at risk to avoid serious complications that can lead to death,...

4 misconceptions about the flu

vaccine Why is the flu shot, not 100% effective? No vaccine is 100% effective. The flu vaccine often falls victim to a reputation for poor...

Influenza: when to get the flu shot?

What time of year is it recommended to get the flu shot? Can we still get vaccinated late in the season? Why repeat the...
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